All classes are online only via Zoom.

Information for and About NC Realtors

Steps to Get Licensed in NC

Tips for Passing the Exam

  • Pick up your book early and dive right in.
    Having a general idea of the topics that will be covered and the vocabulary of the profession, will help make the material feel less foreign when getting started in class.
  • Ask questions in class.
    If a topic is unclear, don't hesitate to speak up in class. This is your time to benefit from group discussion and your teacher's experiences.
  • Don't wait to start studying!
    This course covers a lot of material - too much to digest over night or even a few days. Review every night the material covered in class.
  • Review with online lectures.
    If you miss a class or need extra review, some of your pre-licensing lectures are available online at
  • Try the AMP Practice Exam for further review.
    Try the Multiple-Choice Sample Exam or the
    Multiple-Choice Self-Assessment Exam

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Professional Resources